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/mobs (Brings up the GUI for anything to do with mobs)
/warp mobs (A world containing only OP Mobs)

OP Mobs can be found in the mobs world at /warp mobs and also in the Dungeons. 


Mobs World: 

Keep Inventory is on
PvP is off
Only OP Mobs Spawn in mobs world

The Mobs world offers a great place for players to fight together to overcome the hordes of OP mobs out for fresh blood.
It's also a good place to tier up at your own pace, getting you ready for the Dungeons.


Keep Inventory is on
Pvp is off
OP Mobs and a BOSS Mob

 There are currently 7 Dungeons. (More on the way!) And each Dungeon has a Mob boss. Once you kill the Boss in that Dungeon, the next Dungeon will be unlocked. 


 There are 3 types of Mobs, Mobs found in the mobs world (/warp mobs), Boss Mobs, and Event Mobs.

Mob world Mobs:

These are your standard OP Mobs that can only be found in the mobs world.

They drop tiered gear and mobcoins. The gear they drop is related to how strong they are (displayed above their heads).


Boss Mobs:

These Mobs are harder than the average Mob, you need to kill the boss mob to get to the next Dungeon.
Only the player who does the most damage to the boss will get to unlock the next Dungeon. They have a % chance of dropping Boss Mob items, Weapons, Armor, Extra Mob Coins, Enchanted Golden Apples, and other items.
The Boss mob respawns every 30m-1hr. Players can hover over the dungeon in /mobs to see more details about each Boss and Dungeon.

(Hint: Once you have unlocked the next Dungeon, you cannot go back to the previous Dungeon. If you are fighting with a friend, don't click the next Dungeon in the GUI until your friend beats the same Boss, so you can go through levels together. :)


Event Mobs:

Be on the look out in chat for an Events Mob to spawn. They offer some unique items, and can drop quite a lot of Mob Coins. 


OP Mob Loot: 

OP Mobs have their own type of Weapon/Armor system. When you kill an OP Mob there is a chance of it dropping some Armor or Weapons. Items collected from slain mobs are soulbound to the person who killed the mob. As you progress, the Weapons and Armor will get better allowing you to kill harder mobs and boss mobs.
You can buy and sell Mob gear at the mob shop. The mob shop is accessed by /mobs or can be found in the shops section of your menu by doing /shops
The mob Weapons and Armor have NO extra effect when used on players.

Mob Coins: 

When you kill an OP Mob they will give you Mob Coins, these are used to "Tier up" and "Prestige" in the Guild Ranks GUI, And to buy mob gear at the Mob shop. 


Guild Ranks (Tiers & Prestige):

As you progress, You will gather enough coins to "Tier up" to the next Guild Rank. This requires Mob Coins. As your Guild Rank gets higher, the harder the mobs you will have to fight (And the better your gear will get!).

Prestige is the ultimate goal of a Mob Hunter. It's the status that separates the part-time PvE'rs from the Warriors.

A player's Prestige is the 1st number you see in chat when a player talks. Players with the highest prestige earn a place on the wall of fame. As you prestige players will earn fixed combat bonuses, such as maximum health, better chances to crit and dodge.

When a player prestiges, They will lose all the ability to use the gear they have gathered and lose their Mob Coins. It is like a "rebirth." Another benefits of Presitge is gaining more money when killing mobs. Permanent increase in hearts better % in Critical hits and Dodge. 

Everything relating to OP Mobs can be found using the command /mobs.


Hover over your player head to see your Prestige and Tier level and see how many mobs you have killed.

- Click on your players head to change your Guild level, you need to pay Mob Coins to Tier up and Prestige.
- Access Dungeons to fight Mob Bosses
- Scrapper: Exchange your unwanted mob items for scrap
- Refiner: Add your scrap to increase its levels
- Smelter: Place your scrap here to receive an upgrade orb
- Repairer: Combine your mob item and some scrap to repair its damage
- Enhancer: Combine your Mob item and an upgrade orb to increase its levels
- Mobs shop: Buy and sell your Mob items for mob coins


* Players can choose to fight Mobs in the mob world, Dungeons or both.

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