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JmGxpCu.png will be opened for our dedicated SurvivalStar players on 23/12/2021!
 HST- 9:00am
 PST- 11:00am
 EST- 2:00pm
 GMT- 7:00pm
 AEDT- 6:00am (24/12)*

This will be a short beta test run while awaiting the last few plugins to be updated for 1.18

SurvivalStar players will get to know the gameplay and get ahead before we advertise and open up with the vote sites. (There will be NO reset on completion of Beta)

We will be having Christmas crate giveaways introducing the new textures!

Things to look forward to

Dedicated resource world (PvP off)

Custom Item Textures

Over 100 Custom Enchants

OP Mob Dungeons

In-game Level Ups

Grind Ranks


Treasure Hunts

Player Shops

Daily Rewards

⭐Playtime rewards



Fishing Competitions

Custom Tools

Block, Stat & Mob Trackers

Prison style Mining Pit

Silk Spawners

Level Up Spawners

Live Player Map


PvP Arena

Buy Ranks and Items with In-Game Currency

Sell Chests

chuck busters

Chunk Claims

Server Resource Pack

Spawn Eggs

/map Click here to view live map A Minecraft Server


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