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Players can Lock their Chests, Doors, Trap Doors, Shulker Boxes, Spawners and Armor Stands
Trust up to 10 players with access to your locked items.
The amount of locks is dependant on what In-game Level or Donator Rank they are:

In-Game Levels:
Obsidian Level:10 Items
Carnelian Level: 20 Items
Amber Level: 30 Items
Jade Level: 40 Items
Lapis Level: 50 Items
Amethyst Level: 60 Items & 10 Armor Stands
Quartz Level: 70 Items & 10 Armor Stands
Nirvana Level: 80 Items & 10 Armor Stands
Grindgod:  100 Items & 15 Armor Stands

Donator Ranks:
Philosopher: 10 Items
Shaman: 25 Items
Prophet: 50 Items: 5 Armor Stands
Druid: 60 Items: 10 Armor Stands
Sage: 80 Items: 10 Armor Stands
Oracle: 100 Items: 15 Armor Stands
Global: 120 Items: 20 Armor Stands
Patron: 150 Items, 20 Armor Stands & Can teleport to a Locked Item/Armor Stand

Chest Protect Commands:
Open you Chest Protect GUI : /chestprotect
Lock a Chest, Item or Armor stand: Look at item and /lock
Unlock a Chest, Item or Armor stand: Look at item and /unlock

Players can see where and what is they have locked by accessing their chestprotect GUI.
Players can choose if the Chests, Items and Armor stands get automatically locked etc, by going into settings of their GUI.





Chest, Item, Spawner and Armor Stand Protect about 1 year ago

Players can choose to Marry each other 

The benefits of Marriage are:

Get notified in game when your partner is online or leaves
Have the same surname
Talk in private Dm's /marry chat {text} or /marry chattoggle
Teleport to each other /marry tp
See when your partner was last online /marry seen
Share a common home point /marry home
Toggle PvP on/off /marry pvpon or /marry pvpoff
Kiss each other /marry kiss
Hug each other /marry hug

You need a Celebrant (Priest) to marry you to your selected partner
A Celebrant (Priest) is either a Staff member or a Player who has levelled up to Quartz in-game.

It costs $100,000 to get Married and $500,000 to get divorced. Partners split the cost 50/50
Marriage can be expensive, choose wisely! 😄

Additional Commands:
See online list of Married players: /marry list
See online list of Celebrants (Priests): /marry listpriests
Marry two consenting players: /marry marry {player} {player}*
Divorce two consenting players: /marry divorce {player} *
*Celebrants who illegally try to Marry or Divorce players will have their Marriage License revoked under the 2022 SurvivalStar Marriage Act.  **This is a joke



PLAYER MARRY about 1 year ago