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These rules are NOT definitive. Meaning they are a guide to what is not allowed on the Network.
NOTE: If you have any questions about the rules, please contact a staff member on Discord or in-game.

⭐️Rules regarding AFK: ( Autoclicker in PVP will be punished under PVP exploit .) 
AFK is allowed, Autoclicker is allowed outside of PVP. NO scripts, NO Auto-Mine, etc will be punishable under Hacked Client Rule 

⭐️AutoFarms:  (Warn 24hrs to dismantle>1d ban> 3d ban > 7d Ban -> 14d Ban > 30d Ban > Permanent Ban W / appeal )
Auto farms are NOT allowed, NO pumpkin, NO melon, And NO Sugarcane. Definitely no 0-tick.
NO AFK FISHING, If anyone is caught AFK fishing ALL MCMMO will be removed and you will be punished under Auto-farm rules.
Semi-Automic farms are allowed eg: Wheat farms planted by hand-harvested by water
If you are unsure whether something is allowed or not just ask staff, We are happy to help.

⭐️NO 0-tick farms: ( Warn>1d ban>3d ban > 7d Ban > 14d Ban > 30d Ban > Permanent Ban W / appeal )
 No 0-tick farms, If found, They will be instantly removed.

⭐️TP / Warp killing -TP /Warp trapping: ( Warn>24hr ban >3d ban removal of pvpstats > 7d Ban > 14d Ban > 30d Ban > Permanent Ban W / appeal )
Killing / Trapping a player using either warps or teleportation is not allowed, And all items will be given back to the original owner, you will also receive punishment and on 3rd offense, your PVP stats will be reset.
No-killing people in claims or glitching people out of claims to kill them. If you are found to be doing this your PVP stats will be reset and all items will be given back to the player you killed
( If you're unsure about a teleport or warp, make sure you record your game so we can resolve the issue. )

⭐️Claim killing: ( Warn>24hr ban>3d ban & removal of PVP stats > 7d Ban > 14d Ban > 30d Ban > Permanent Ban W / appeal )
Attempting to kill someone in claimed land, using any method, such as explosive bows, fishing rods, lava, fire etc, is not allowed and will be punished under the "tp killing" rule. on 3rd offense, you will have PVP stats reset. All items will also be returned to the player.

⭐️Claim Trapping: ( Warning > 24hr ban > 3d ban > 7d Ban )
Claiming around someone's land purely to trap them in is not allowed and your claim will be removed WITHOUT a warning. 

⭐️Griefing: ( Warning > 24hr Ban > 3d Ban > 7d Ban )
Griefing around someone's claim or in claims( this includes world guarded areas ) is prohibited.
taking items from unclaimed chests is within the rules.

⭐️Scamming/Stealing: ( 24hr Ban > 3d Ban > 7d Ban > Permanent Ban W/ appeal )
If you trade with a player and do not give them the promised goods ( Work, Builds, Star gems, etc. ) you will be punished and the player's goods will be returned to them.

⭐️Lands inactivity: If you are inactive for 60 days, you will be removed from your Lands. If you are the leader, land leadership will be passed to the next highest-ranking member.

⭐️Inappropriate land names: ( Force change name + Warn > 24hr Ban > 7d Ban )
Inappropriate land names will not be tolerated. 
What we class as “ Inappropriate “ :
-Racist slurs
-Homophobic slurs
-Sexual slurs
-Inappropriate language
-Offensive terms
(not limited to)

⭐️Glitching into bases: ( Warning > 24hr Ban > 3d Ban > 7d Ban )
Using any method of glitching such as chorus fruit, block glitches, or ender pearl glitches to get into sealed-off bases is not allowed.

⭐️No land name is allowed to start with “ RE “ Due to a glitch.
Punishments and offenses are a guide for players. Actual punishments are at Admin's and Owners discretion.

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