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5 months ago

Please use your brain! If you think something might be against the rules don't do it or tell people about it just message a staff member.      

⭐️Keep Content Appropriate: No excessive swearing, No overuse of CAPS. No threats or insults, No harassment, No discrimination or hate speech, No inappropriate language-names-nicks-pictures-memes-profiles, No discussion of anything sexual or of sexual-NSFW nature.

⭐️No Advertising: No advertising for servers other than SurvivalStar, No advertising of Social media pages or channels unless approved by SurvivalStar, No advertising of Websites. (YouTubers and Streamers Please contact OWNER or ADMIN directly via Discord)

⭐️No Spamming: Spamming of any kind including but not limited to photos, words, emojis, etc.

⭐️No discussing glitches-cheats-hacks: If you have found a glitch/hack or know of anyone using one please message Admin or above so we can deal with it appropriately. If anyone is found to know about a glitch and doesn't report it they will also be punished. 

⭐️English only: We are a multi-cultural server but Admins can't moderate forums if they don't understand the language so for this reason please use English in Forums.

⭐️Follow provided formats: Please use the right areas for the correct subjects and follow the formats provided. Eg. Staff applications, appeals, etc. This keeps the Forums easy to navigate and use for all.

⭐️Children Under 13: No child under the age of 13 is to register nor participate on the SurvivalStar Forums. We do not knowingly collect information for any child under the age of 13 If you believe and have evidence of a child under the age of 13 having signed up with the Forums/discord please Contact the Owner directly via Discord, Forums or email to [email protected] 

⭐️ If you break the rules you may receive a strike, each strike lasts for 1 month and if you get to 3 strikes you will be banned from commenting or replying to anything on the forum. If you get banned 3 times it will be permanent...Any hate speech or threats could result in an instant ban regardless of strikes.

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