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5 months ago

All payments are final and non-refundable.

⭐️If you  Attempt to open a PayPal dispute it will result in a PERMANENT and irreversible BAN from all of our servers and any other Minecraft stores.

⭐️We do NOT allow chargebacks under any circumstances.  If you put in a  payment dispute it will automatically result in you being:
1• Banned from all  Buycraft/Tebex stores and will NOT be able to purchase items from other server stores.
2• Permanent Ban no-appeal from the server, server store, forum, and discord.

Here at Survivalstar, We strive to please our players and provide an enjoyable community and experience, So if you have any issues with anything store-related please contact Owners or send an email to [email protected] to see if we can help resolve the issue. Be aware It can take up to 25 minutes for your purchase to be received in-game. If you are still not credited after this time period, please open a support ticket on our Discord or message Owners/Admin on in-game, Please keep proof of purchase and we will look into your issue.

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